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Uploaded 4-Nov-10
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There are beautiful old oak trees in Oregon. Stately old trees that often live in the middle of farmers fields. I particularly like this one, mainly because it is actually a cluster of trees that have grown up together. They've adapted and accommodated each others space and shape. It reminds me of the best communities and relationships. It's now surrounded by industrial buildings, I get nervous anytime there is new construction near it.
I've photographed this tree group in every season. It doesn't have showy fall color and the spring leaves deepen slowly into summer olive green. I like it best in the winter when all the majesty of it's branches show through.
This image uses citrosolv dissolved magazine photos as a background, which have been scanned into the computer. I've then used Photoshop to manipulate layers. I've removed the background on the tree photograph to let the branches be the focus.
Someday I want to have the privilege of caretaking a big tree. I want to live alongside something that has been around for so long.